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Welcome to buildingweb. We are about promoting intelligent building methods and materials for a sustainable future                                                                                
Promoting intelligent building methods and materials for a sustainable future



Welcome to the Canadian sustainable building website!


Design accounts for only about 0.2% of the costs associated with occupying a building over its life.  Initial construction costs are less than 2% of the lifecycle cost.  However, the decisions and actions at this stage govern the other 98% of costs.  Productivity improvements can be many times the investment made during design and construction.  To achieve the full impact, changes are needed in knowledge, commitment and process.  


This site provides information to help owners, developers, and design consultants make the changes by understanding the tangible benefits of building green, and the opportunities available to get ahead of the game.  On this site you will find:


"You don't filter smokestacks or water. Instead, you put the filter in your head and design the problem out of existence."

William McDonough


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